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Moore’sLuresCatalogViewing Instructions


Move yourmouse to theedgeof apage…Click, HoldandDrag.


Move yourmouseover thepage youwant toenlargeand thenDoubleClick.

A ‘Zoom’ bar will appear at thebottomof thepagewhichallows you toadjust

the viewing size.

Whenenlarged you can scroll thepagewith yourmousewheel or Click, Hold

andDrag yourmouseupanddown to scroll thepage.

DoubleClick on thepage to return it to theoriginal size.


At the top right of thepageyouwill seeasearch field.

Simply type thedescriptionof the item forwhichyouare looking (Like

HOOKS) and thenpressenter onyour keyboard. The search resultswill

bedisplayedon the left sideof thepage. Clickingonasearch resultwill

display that page.


At thebottomof thepage youwill see icons as shownherebelow. Clickingon

thePrint iconallows you toprint the catalog. Clickingon theDownload icon

allows you thedownload the catalog. Clickingon theFull Screen icon shows

the catalog in full screen. (

Pressing the ‘Esc’ key returns it tonormal view.


Clickingon theZoom iconenlarges thepageasmentionedpreviously.